Everyone home safe and sound 🙂  Both boys’ neuters went perfectly normally and they are now in the spare room recovering.  Pablo was out and about and munching on hay straight away, while Earl was a little more bewildered and took a bit longer to settle.  I’ve just given them their evening painkillers and gut stimulants and they’re now both munching on hay, producing poops and looking reasonably comfortable.

Delilah continues to do well and my vet Sam is pleased with her progress.  She’s putting the weight back on nicely and is now back up to over 2kg.  The ulcer on her eye seems to have healed over; it’s still visible but it looks like just a bit of scarring now.  Of slightly more concern is that she has a little entropion on the same side, where her eyelid crusted and fell off leaving a bumpy edge around her eye. Whether this will improve as it continues to heal we’re not sure, so we’re keeping an eye (pardon the pun) on it for now and will see how it goes.  The big scab across her nose is still stuck fast.  The dye that was put in her eye to look at that ulcer drained out of both her nostrils…wonder if this means that under that scab there’s a massive hole?  I hope she doesn’t have a big hole in the top of her nose when the scab finally decides to come off :-/  Bridges to cross when we get there, I think.  Delilah seems cheerful enough and is

Today was one of those days where friends really helped out a lot.  I’m sure you can imagine how much the RHD2 and myxomatosis has all cost, and now I’m embarking on a series of 7 neuters for mum and the six babies (in case you’ve come to the blog party late in the day, mum Delilah was a rescue bunny who we didn’t know was pregnant; she gave birth shortly after arriving here).  One of my friends who makes and sells healthy treats for rabbits (oaticakes for rabbits (rainbow rabbits treats)…shameless plug) held an auction for a box of delicious bunny things, and crazy, generous people bid ridiculous amounts of money for these – and then for a second one too.  As a result, when I went to pick up the boys this evening, I didn’t have to pay for their neuters as it was all covered by the auction and they had rung and paid my vet directly today.  Someone else had also sent me a little package of goodies including chocolates too, and I can assure you that these have already been put to good use this evening!  I can’t tell you how much difference it’s made knowing that two of the neuters are now safely done and that my bank balance remains the same – meaning that I can now start to book the next ones in.  Jeremy next – I’m a bit nervous about that as he did actually get ill; discussed it with my vet this evening and we’ve decided we’ll do some bloods first to check that everything looks normal before going ahead.  Another 6 weeks or so and then the girls can be done.

A good day, and feels as if we are making progress back to being normal.  It would be nice to get to a point where all the siblings are neutered so that I can start to mix ‘n’ match them back together…having them all in separate enclosures isn’t good for them and it takes forever to clean and feed everybun.  As they’ve been exposed to RHD2 I would prefer to bond them into pairs or groups for rehoming, rather than bond them with someone else’s rabbit.  I don’t think they’ll rehome very quickly given their history, and they’ll rehome even slower in pairs, but hey ho.  We’ll muddle on through somehow 🙂


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