*waves* if you’re still reading, hello!  I’ve been a bit quiet of late – partly not been very well, partly been very busy, and partly not a lot to say!  Let’s reel it back onto RHD2 shall we; how novel!

Tomorrow, Pablo and Earl are the first two of the RHD2 litter going to the vets for their castrations.  They are nearly 5 months old now.  Normally they’d already be done by now, but with Delilah being unwell I had other things to prioritise, so they’ve had to wait.  I’m not normally the slightest bit anxious about taking bunnies in for their neuters; I trust my vets completely and I’ve had so many done without a problem that it’s completely routine to me.  But I admit to being a little anxious about these ones.  Even though these two didn’t get any signs of the RHD2, they must have been exposed to it as they were 6 weeks old living in their family group with mum and siblings when it hit.

So much time has passed now that I’m sure they’re fine.  Pablo is about 1.5kg and Earl is smaller at about 1.2k, but they are both robust and solid.  Pablo is way bigger than all the rest of the siblings; he’s also the only one with his mum’s black & white colouring (their mum is Delilah the one who you may have been reading about).  All the rest are agouti with a few white splodges and presumably take after their dad, who we think must have been an agouti nethie although we don’t know for sure as she was allegedly the only rabbit  at the property when she was rescued.   Assuming all goes to plan tomorrow, I will probably book Violet in next, she’s the next biggest at 1.3kg.  The other two girls are a bit smaller and of course there’s Jeremy, the little lad who got sick with RHD2 but recovered.  How long do I give it before I get him done?  I’ll worry about it another day.

I’ll report back in when I pick the boys up tomorrow evening, hopefully to say that they’re both fine.  It’s only been a couple of weeks since all the bunnies have been outdoors, so it’s going to be a bit weird to have some overnight guests again!  All set up and ready for them 🙂   When I go and pick them up tomorrow I’m also taking Delilah back for a quick check over, so I can also report back on how the vet thinks she’s doing.

See you all soon – and thanks for reading!


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