I’ve been feeling horribly unwell this week. I think a combination of body finally crashing after such a long period of intensive nursing, plus the hot and humid weather.  It’s currently 2.30am and I am wiiiiide awake, having mad coughing fits about every 30 seconds. I’m utterly exhausted and just want to get some rest, please?  Went to the doc this morning who gave me some steroids to add to the inhalers, but they really don’t seem to have made any difference; they usually kick in fairly quickly.  So I’m feeling massively fed up, grumpy and tired. I’m starting to appreciate why young children cry with frustration when they are really tired and want to go to sleep.

Delilah continues to do well, she’s now only on metacam and eye drops for the ulcer in one eye – other than that she’s off all meds and the nebuliser (I however have been using the nebuliser!)  She’s pretty cheerful and seems to be spending a lot of time flopped out or pottering around munching hay.  That big hard piece across her nose is still stuck fast, although it’s got a definite ‘edge’ around it so it is going to peel up and come off at some point.  The other nodules on her legs and torso are mostly gone now and she’s left with a load of scabs across her back.

What has cheered me up no end has been to hear from a couple of people who have adopted from me over the past year or so, with some new photos of how the bunnies are doing. They all look in great condition and very happy, which is wonderful 🙂  It makes the struggles at times like these worthwhile when you see what great lives these little ones go on to from sometimes very challenging starts.

I’m going to attempt sleeping again now…I’ve moved myself downstairs into the conservatory which is the coolest room, and have set up a sun lounger to sleep on, as I can prop the back up a bit, which should help. The down side is that it will also get light ridiculously early. Ho hum.




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