With fear and trepidation, I have moved Delilah outside. Sunday was a nice (if breezy) day and I thought she’d appreciate a bit of fresh air.  So I set up a hutch and run on the patio right by the house (covered in fly screens as she still has slightly sticky eyes and sore patches where nodules come off from time to time) to give her a little bit of time out.  It’s an area which is very sheltered and gets some sunshine in the morning  but is then in the shade for the afternoon and evening when it gets hottest.  She could also see daughter Violet from here, who I had to separate from her two sisters at the weekend because she’d started to pick on them. It never rains but it pours, doesn’t it?  Under normal circumstances, I’d have had the boys neutered by now and be thinking about getting the girls done, but everything has shifted back in time due to me having my hands full, so I’m running a bit behind schedule.

Delilah absolutely loved being outside and became a different bunny very quickly indeed.  She has been running around, jumping on things, munching hay, flopping out, peering at her daughter and generally showing her approval.  So I decided to leave her out.  I made sure she had nice cosy areas to retreat to and a solid roof to the run, and left her out there.  As I lay in bed that night and heard the rain battering down, I wondered whether I’d done the right thing, but a quick check revealed that she was nice and dry and seemingly perfectly happy.  I’ve stopped with the daily nebulising now…Friday I think was the last time I did it, and her breathing is doing extremely well. She is still doing an occasional dry sneeze but as previously, I think it’s just a bit of irritation/nodule hanging around inside the nasal passages.

The thing I’m having to be particularly careful of is her eyes.  I don’t want them to dry out and there’s perhaps more risk of that happening now she’s outside and while her eyelids heal.  So she’s getting some extra eye drops an hour or so after the antibiotic drops to help keep them nicely lubricated.  She absolutely hates having them.  I suffer with dry eyes myself and find it incredibly soothing and relieving to put the drops in, so I don’t really get what it is she doesn’t like about it.  The indignity of having her head tilted to the side I think. All is forgiven when she gets a syringe of metacam anyway.

Nodules are quite literally dropping off now.  I go out to see her and often find bits of furry scab lying on the floor.  So obviously I’m collecting them in a little bag like some kind of weird holiday souvenir.  One of my friends suggested I sell them on ebay…

For the first time in weeks (or months, if I include the RHD2 as well) I feel as if I can relax a bit and not worry too much about any of the rabbits. I’m convinced that she’s well on the way to recovery now and she should be ok.  I’m obviously still monitoring her closely for any change or for anything that suggests any organ damage, but so far so good.  She is certainly happy and enjoying some good quality of life again, so that’s the main thing.



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