Today we have been back to the vets for a check up, and my vet is delighted with her progress 🙂  The scab that was sat underneath her nostril came off yesterday morning. The big scab across the bridge of her nose still isn’t ready to come off, but it had peeled right up at one side and was forming a horn in front of one of Delilah’s eyes, so we carefully snipped it off across part of the dead scab.  It must have been a bit annoying to her and with it being so prominent there was a chance that she would catch it on something and pull the scab off before it’s ready to come.

My vet went to throw it away, so I had to confess that I wanted to take it home because all my friends wanted to see photos.  So of course I share it here too for you to see as well.

She is still absolutely covered in pox across her entire torso and legs.  They’re slowly scabbing and they seem pretty superficial so hopefully they’ll all just sort themselves out over time.  They’ve mostly gone now around her face apart from the one across the bridge of her nose, and she’s even got some fur regrowth around her eyes.

She’s putting the weight back on – slowly but surely.  Last weekend she was 1.85kg up from 1.77 the previous week.  Today she was 1.92kg.  One of my friends, who makes oaticakes for rabbits (you can buy them from a Facebook group of the same name) sent me some to try and help Delilah to regain the weight and strength she has lost.  Now she’s got her appetite pretty much back to normal, she’s loving them. She particularly likes them dipped in water so they’re a bit softer, like dipping a biscuit in your tea (which is just so wrong by the way, don’t do it!) I’ve seen her drinking from the bowl again so I know she is now much better hydrated and able to drink without choking, and she’s stuffing her face with hay too.  Her eye ulcer seems to be healing ok, although because there’s a chunk out of her eyelid, her eye doesn’t seem to be closing fully when she blinks, so we will have to keep an eye (punintention) on it.

So, all in all, we are very happy with progress and think that she should be pretty much out of the woods now.  I’ve booked a follow up appointment for 2 weeks time…will we make it that far without another visit?  I’ve also booked the first two of her children in for their castrations –  the boys are just over 4 months old now so I’ve booked Pablo and Earl in…the first of the RHD2 bunnies to go in for any kind of procedure since their infection. These two didn’t show any symptoms even though they must have been in contact with it, but I’m still a little nervous even though it’s ages ago now and they both seem robust and normal.

As for me, I think I’m now starting to crash a little after such an intensive period of time.  I think the adrenaline is starting to tail off and I woke up several times last night coughing and have a definite niggle of a sore throat.  Hopefully it doesn’t turn into much, and I will definitely treat myself to a lovely long lie in tomorrow morning!


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