I can barely bring myself to type it for fear of jinxing thing, but Delilah actually seems to be doing well.  I was getting a little concerned that she’s not been eating so many of her greens (and obviously went right off the kale after I bought virtually all the stock in the supermarket), but it turns out that it’s because she’s back on the hay.

Any bunny owner will know the joys of closely studying bunny poo, they tell so much about the health of the rabbit.  My vet was delighted (or at least that’s what she told me) that I gifted her with a series of baked rabbit poos in varying states of quality.  She says she uses them to demonstrate what bunny poo should look like, especially to those who haven’t discovered the joys of ‘the crumble test’.  I digress. Delilah’s poos have been small, hard and misshapen over the past few weeks.  They exist – which is a good start – but not in the size, quantity or consistency of a healthy gut.  In part this is totally expected; she has been on a junk food diet of anything-I-can-get-her-to-eat. I would normally exercise caution in this respect as new foods can upset the gut…but sometimes it’s necessary, and this was one of those situations.

But now as things are stabilising and she is finding it easier to breathe, her eating is returning to normal.  I’m often finding her stuffing her face with hay now, which I haven’t seen for weeks. I do wonder whether her teeth will have overgrown over the past month, as she hasn’t been eating the normal fibrous foods that help to keep them worn down. Time will tell I guess.

Yesterday we were back at my second home, the vets, for some more help with teasing those scabs off, and another boost of sub cut fluids to provide a bit of additional support before the warm week ahead.  The nurse is brilliant, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone quite so delighted at the prospect of picking scabs.  With lots of soaking, she managed to tease off one over her left eye, so now Delilah has both eyes nicely open again.  The ulcer on her right eye is clearing up well, and she’s certainly much happier now she can see again. The big nodule under her nose is being a bit problematic, as it has partially scabbed over one of her nostrils.  With the second pair of hands at the vets, it was loosened so that it’s not really blocking the airway, but it’s not ready to come off yet.  I think the nurse was a bit disappointed that the only evening she’s working this week is one I have a late meeting at work, so the joy of getting that big scab off will probably fall to her colleague!  I had a bit of a laugh when I got home and had received one of those customer satisfaction surveys, and one of the questions is how many times have you visited this practice in the past year.  The options are one, two, three, or four or more.  Four?  I’ve visited this practice four times this week, let alone four times this year!  Seriously though, the nurses have been outstanding.  The are so much better and more proficient at doing the cleaning and scab picking than I am, and it’s so much easier to do with a second pair of hands. Delilah is not the most compliant of patients, but she is a good traveller, so it’s been much easier to go and get some help.

I’m now starting to taper off the drugs a bit.  The penicillin injections have gone from every 2 days to every 3 days (via every 2.5 days) and all still seems to be stable. The metacam has gone from warp levels back to the original dose, and I’m now tapering that down slightly even further.  Everything very slow and gentle so we can monitor how she’s doing, and so far I’m delighted.  I think my cautious optimism is starting to turn into actual optimism. I think and hope we are now through the worst and well on the way to recovery.


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