We are still up and down, but the past couple of days has seen a monumental milestone.  Delilah is now laying with her legs out behind her, or out to the side.  I think this means that breathing is far easier and she is relaxing a bit more.  I haven’t been back to the vets since Wednesday as she’s been holding her own perfectly well since then.  She mostly just wants to eat kale and parsley, and that’s ok for now.  I even saw her munching on a nice coarse strand of oat hay yesterday.

Today we are a bit more raspy again.  Having studied around her face, the big nodule on her upper lip is lifting up and scabbing, and it has scabbed over half of one of her nostrils.  I have tried to tease it away but it doesn’t want to come yet.  Her breathing is ok with it, it’s only when she gets cross with all the handling or eats too quickly that it becomes a problem, she’s fine when she’s at rest.  So I’ve booked her back into the vets tomorrow (what would I do without a 7-day vet practice!) for the nurse to have another go at teasing it off.  Even if it’s not ready to come right off, I hope that with two pairs of hands, we’ll be able to get some of it away from the end of her nose. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to give her another slug of fluids while we’re there; next week is due to be hot.

I don’t have a lot more to say right now, my brain is pretty fried.  So rather than witter on about nothing, I’ll leave it at that.  Mood remains one of cautious optimism.


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