Blue Peter

I have a Blue Peter badge.  I was a runner up in the 1984 ‘Winter Wonderland’ competition.  I plagiarised my brother’s idea and submitted it as my own.  There, I’ve confessed.  These creative-but-verging-on-bodging skills have come in handy.  Madam has decided that she does not want to be in the nebuliser chamber.  So I used my best 1980s sticky-backed plastic-and-straws techniques to fashion her carrier into a makeshift nebuliser. It involved tank tape rather than the more traditional materials, but I think it does the job.

Delilah is not doing too well.  She’s had a good couple of days (relatively speaking), but the nodules are now starting to crust over, making her breathing very laboured as they partially obstruct her nasal passages – and because they’re getting hard and crusty, the metacam is not being as effective at keeping the swelling down.  It’s taking her a lot of effort to keep breathing, and she’s starting to lose body condition.  Having said that, she continues to eat well (she’s never had so much bunny ‘junk food’ including pear, carrot and apple on a regular basis!) and to run around from time to time.  While she does spend a lot of time sitting around, she has plenty of energy to hop around the bedroom and get cross with the nebuliser from time to time, so in spite of looking and sounding dreadful, I don’t think she feels as bad as she seems.

It’s really hard.  I don’t want her to suffer, but we’ve come so far now, so I keep thinking ‘just another few days and hopefully we will turn a corner’.  But I don’t know if tomorrow is going to be better, or worse, or the same.  How long can her little body tolerate having to work so hard at breathing?  I am absolutely exhausted just trying to look after her and all the other bunnies (and all the other things I have to do of course) and she must be exhausted too.  I hope I’m doing the right thing by keeping her going, and I hope it’s not too much longer before things start to improve.  At which point I plan to crawl into bed and stay there for about a week.


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