It’s astonishing how quickly the myxo is starting to progress now.  The nodules are changing virtually by the hour.  I hope this is a good thing as hopefully it means that the body is responding reasonably well.  I still worry that those nodules are going to swell/scab over her nostrils though.  Her breathing isn’t great as it is, so she could really do without any further narrowing of the airways.  The nebuliser sessions seem to help and she does settle after her nebuliser and after each dose of metacam, so I think that keeping up the routine is very important.  She is completely covered in pox – it’s like running your hand over a pebble beach – but in general, I think I’m reasonably comfortable with how she’s doing right now.  And as you can see from the photo, appetite is still pretty much unaffected, she’s stuffing her face with a nice fresh piece of cow parsley there.

Today I’ve been out and mingled with bunny people for the first time since we had the rhd here – it’s been nearly two months already!  It’s not just the rabbits who are in quarantine, I have been too.  Lily died on 3rd June – so that was the day my vet first raised a concern that rhd2 was a possibility, and therefore that was the day that I started quarantining myself away from other bunny people and banning them from coming here.  I missed the RWAF conference on 4th June and I missed a good friend’s wedding reception later in the month, as it was being held at a rescue and with lots of other bunny people.  So today marked somewhat of a milestone, as  I went out and attended a forage day with some other bunny people.

Of course I’m aware that there is possibly that there is still virus around my house, so getting there without taking any with me was a bit of a military operation.  Earlier this week I raided the ‘Next’ sale and basically bought anything which was (a) cheap and (b) in my size. I didn’t try it on, I just left it in the bag until this morning.  Then this morning, I sprayed my rubber outdoor shoes with virkon and put them by the front door. My phone is likely to be one of those items that is contaminated as I’ve always got it with me and around the rabbits. I don’t think it would take kindly to being dipped in virkon though, so instead I took it out of its case and put it inside a watertight phone bag which I’ve got for sea kayaking, which I’m doing next weekend (so look forward to a blog post on that one…), and then the watertight bag got dipped in virkon, and the whole thing was worn hung round my neck like the world’s least trendy necklace.  When I knew my friends were due to arrive, I had a shower and got dressed straight into new clothes without letting any of them touch any surface, then walked down to the end of the track in my rubber shoes, carrying new shoes with me.  I got into the car, took off those shoes and chucked them out the car door at the entrance to the track ready for me to collect later.  It may all sound a bit OTT, and maybe it is, as 2 months has passed already so it’s perhaps less likely to still be lurking on hard, dry surfaces around the house, but I wouldn’t like to take any risks and this was pretty much the only way I could guarantee that I wasn’t carrying any virus with me.

Anyway, it was so lovely to see bunny folk again.  One of the hardest things about these sorts of illnesses is that you have to muddle through it all on your own, because you don’t want any other bunnies to be put at risk.  We have had a lovely relaxing day with lots of chatter, laughs and of course forage.  I’ve come home with some lovely fresh forage treats which Delilah has tucked into this evening.  Her appetite has remained remarkably stable thus far – although I know from others’ experiences that it can hit a wall slightly later on when those scabs start getting very sore – so I’m trying to give her as much choice and variety as possible.  Her favourites are changing every day, perhaps in response to what she feels her body needs, how much she can smell and what her appetite is like, it certainly seems to be the case that bunnies will self select the most appropriate foods when they are unwell.  In much the same way that I self select chocolate, cake and wine when most in need.   Last week she pretty much only wanted to eat willow, even though she was presented with a lovely selection. Then we moved onto raspberry leaves, although obviously now I picked up a nice big bagful of those from the garden we were at today, she doesn’t want them any more. This evening she has picked out the cow parsley, dandelion and herb robert from the mixture. I also learnt about some other new plants that I might be able to try – one called ‘self heal’ which I know nothing about other than there is lots of it around my garden and it is called ‘self heal’.  Time to ask Dr.Google about that one I reckon.

Too much chatter again, I really ought to get myself some food and think about going to bed.  While talking to friends earlier today, I realised that I haven’t cooked a single meal for about six weeks now.  We’ve basically been surviving off fridge pickings (fortunately when it’s warm it’s a relatively easy thing to do) and Bol one pot meals.  And wine.  One day soon I’ll tell you about Delilah’s story, what we know of her history and how she came to be here.  So that’ll be something for you all to look forward to, won’t it 😉


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