Today has been a scary day. I logged on to bunnycam on my phone during the day and could see that Delilah didn’t look very happy and was taking quite a lot of labour to breathe.  Most days she spends time flopped out with her head slightly in the air, but regularly gets up and eats and moves around.  Today she was more subdued and the breathing seemed to be much more problematic, and there wasn’t as much food eaten as in previous days.  I had to  gently tease a scab off the end of her nose by her nostril first thing this morning so I was worried that she’s starting to scab over and block her nasal passages.

I got home as early as I could and popped her in the nebuliser while I rang my vet.  When I got there, the nurse took her through and popped her on oxygen to settle her down while we waited for the vet to become free.  The vet then examined her while she was still on the oxygen and gave her a good clean up, getting as much goo (that’s the technical term) as possible out from around her eyes, nose and face.  My vet was actually reasonably optimistic about how she’s doing – yes she looks awful, and she is literally covered in lumps from head to toe – but her temperature is back down to normal and the lumps are starting to scab.  This indicates that we are now through the acute infectious phase and starting to move into the part where the lumps scab over and get very sore.  During this time, there is a risk that the lumps and scabs around the nose can seriously inhibit breathing, and of course there is the risk of secondary infection creeping in while they are so under the weather.

When we got home, I put her carrier back in her room (a dressing area off the bedroom), shut the bedroom door to stop the cats from getting in, and went to sort out her evening meds. Armed with a variety of syringes and potions, I went back to the dressing area and she was nowhere to be found.  She’d taken herself off for a little wander of the bedroom, and I eventually found her sitting under the bed having a wash.  So she obviously felt much better after her little vet trip.

We are not out of the woods by a long shot – from what I’ve read from the experiences of others, this next phase can be just as bad if not worse in some ways, depending on whether and how the crusting over affects the breathing.  She is well covered for anti-inflammatory pain relief and antibiotics so she’s got the best possible chance.

Today I saw someone wearing an awesome t-shirt which said ‘powered by avocado’.  It was gone 9pm by the time I’d sat down having got back from the vets, sorted out all her meds and food and then been down the garden to clean and feed all the other rabbits.  So once again, dinner consisted of an eclectic mix of quick and easy things from the fridge.  This week, I have mostly been powered by smoothies, maple pastries and sauvignon blanc.  I’m looking forward to the day hopefully in the not too distant future when I can actually have a decent meal, a sensible evening and a good night’s sleep.



One thought on “Scare

  1. maxine protheroe says:

    Hang on in there, I’m sure I’m not the only one following yours and delilahs story. We are all routing for you both. “Keep calm & when in doubt snuggle a bunny” that’s my moto xx


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