Still fighting

Where has the time gone? It’s almost a week since Delilah came down with myxomatosis and she’s still with us.  There have been a few times I’ve wavered and wondered whether I’m doing the right thing by keeping her going, but for now I think we’re doing ok.  Her eyes are looking incredibly sore and swollen, her nose is swelling, and she has an array of nodules and lumps around her ears, mouth and back.  But she’s still eating very well, which from what I’ve read is not uncommon for bunnies fighting myxi.  I just went to peer in on her and she’s sat munching on some nice soft camomile-infused hay.  Her temperature has started to come down slightly today too, which I am hoping means that the initial acute infection is calming.

Many years ago I had a tiny snuffly nethie called Santa (a female, obviously) who used to go through phases of being terribly snotty and snuffly, but with love, care and copious amounts of drugs she always came through those periods.  What I’m finding now is that if I try and separate how Delilah looks from how she is, it’s easier to make a realistic assessment of how she is doing.  Her breathing isn’t as bad as Santa’s got from time to time – it’s just that because her eyes look so sore, it makes her look very sad and sore and perhaps worse than she feels.  I’ve set up bunnycam again so I can keep an eye on her while I’m out of the house, which is helping to reduce my anxiety about her taking a turn and suffering while I’m at work.  Although I can’t get home quickly, I can check in and make sure that she seems ok from time to time.  She’s usually lying out napping, nose in the air slightly higher than normal but not too bad overall.  Earlier today one of my team caught me sitting with the phone up to my ear trying to listen for breathing noises; definitely filed under ‘c’ for ‘crazy bunny lady’.

She’s on high pain relief which is hopefully helping with the soreness and swelling, and she’s also now on penicillin injections to try and keep any secondary infection in check which has reduced the sneezing.  She’s also got some antibiotic eye cream along with aloe vera gel to soothe her sores – she loves this, she sits very calmly while this is being put on.  We’ve also got bisolvon and F10 to nebulise (it’s normal to have a bag of saline solution hanging on the dressing gown hook on your bedroom door, right?), dry eye drops and echinacea.  And a 1kg bag of dried calendula arrived yesterday too – that has anti-viral properties and in any case she seems to like it.  My house is starting to look like a pharmacy…actually who am I kidding – it’s been like it since the rhd2 at the start of June.

As for me, I’m wandering around in a complete daze and not sure whether I’m coming or going or what day of the week it is.  If you’re reading this and I promised to do something for you and haven’t, I do apologise, I have probably completely forgotten – I keep forgetting things, or forgetting whether I’ve remembered things (before promptly forgetting them again).  I keep worrying about whether I’ve remembered to shut the bunnies’ enclosures properly, whether I switched the iron off, whether the cats have been fed.  It’s not only Delilah that we’re taking one day at a time at the moment – I know the feeling!

It’s been nearly 2 months since the rhd2 already, I could do with 2016 giving me a break now please.


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