Sorry I’ve not posted much recently – am now back to work after a couple of weeks off and am very busy juggling to fit everything in.

Jeremy has been a poorly boy today too, he had tummy ache this morning and didn’t want to eat anything and there had been barely any poos overnight.  He’s had armfuls of meds and is now feeling much better and has presented me with an enormous pile of very misshapen and sticky poos this evening.  He’s eating lots of hay and dried herbs so hopefully that will normalise very soon.  As soon as I saw he was feeling poorly I started to fear that it may be something related to the RHD2 – I’m not sure we really know if there’s likely to be any ongoing organ problems as a consequence of his infection or whether it can suddenly flare up again several weeks after the initial illness.  So for now I just watch and hope that it’s an unfortunate one-off and that he’ll be right as rain again now.  It’s always possible that the initial perking-up is related to the medicine he has been given, so I’m not counting my chickens, but he is cheerful and behaving much more normally this evening, phew.

The ‘vets with vaccines’ map continues to grow, and I’m now starting to get reports that vets who have had it on order are now receiving it.  So it looks as if the next batch of supplies are making their way into the country.  There are still some areas which are extremely thin on the ground, but through various bits of research I’ve done, I’m pretty confident that the map as it stands is reasonably accurate.  Of course it won’t have every practice on there, but I don’t think it’s that far off the mark.  So especially in those areas without much coverage, I think people will sadly have to travel a bit further than might be ideal, or get back to asking/begging/pleading their usual vet to stock some of the vaccine. I understand that they can buy in multiples of 5, so even if they just get a few doses (to start off with at least) it should help to improve the countrywide coverage for everyone’s pets.

As ever, if you have information on practices who are stocking the vaccine, or if you know that the status of a practice has changed, then please do let me know so that I can update the map.  I do hope that the map is being helpful to people.  There’s not a lot of feedback on who has used it to find vaccine and it’s taking quite a lot of work to keep on top of it so I hope that it’s worthwhile.

Right, off to go snip the bunnies their dinner!  I’ve still got another blog post brewing on the topic of vets and costs, but you’ll have to wait for another time to hear what I think about all that. Although as an early spoiler, I’m pretty much on the vets’ side!


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