I’ve been so busy (what with looking after rabbits, enclosing my rabbit area, moving sheds, writing a blog, starting a Facebook group) that I had actually completely forgotten that today is another milestone.

Today marks 9 days since the rabbits would have had their immunity established by the Filavac.  Theoretically, it might have been possible for a rabbit to have had contact with RHD2 during the period after vaccination but before full immunity had developed, and it is possible that this could therefore have led to disease.  RHD2 takes 3-9 days to manifest, and today marks the last time this could have shown up before they developed their full immunity.  In reality, I always knew that the chances of this were very slim, as every day post-vaccine is a day the rabbit is building immunity and more able to withstand a challenge.  But nevertheless, today is that day.  I have just popped a bottle of prosecco in the fridge and I shall crack it open later on.  Maybe I’ll even have a rest; you know, like taking annual leave from work is supposed to be for 🙂

The group now has over 300 members and there is definitely a hunger out there for more information.  Working out the best way to provide that is going to be tricky. You can only pin one post to the top of a group, so you’ve either got to make it so massive that people won’t read it, or include loads of links, or just write stuff in other posts and hope that they stay near the top for long enough that they get seen.  At the moment I think things need to evolve organically and we’ll see where that takes us.  It’s only 11:15am, but on behalf of me later – cheers.


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