The bunnies are all good, and the weather is bad, meaning that my mind has turned to what I can do to help other bunny owners to understand more about RHD2 including raising awareness of its prevalence, symptoms and where they can get hold of the vaccine.  Sadly, there are still an awful lot of people – not least veterinary professionals – who are simply unaware of RHD2 and its progress around the UK.

So, on what I’ll admit was a bit of a whim this morning, I set up a new Facebook group to do exactly that.  There are other Facebook groups, but I hadn’t found one that sat comfortably with me, particularly as a rescue and vaccination advocate.  In just a few hours, it has 260 members and this blog is also now on over 330 views, with readers from as far afield as Australia and the USA (hello everyone).  I think this goes to show that there is appetite out there for more information and support.  I don’t want to generate alarm or panic, but I do want to be able to help source reliable pieces of information and to help people to find vets who are stocking the new vaccine.  Of course Jeremy is the mascot of the group – a symbol of hope while everything seems so glum.

I’m really grateful for all your continued support.  Together, we can be better informed and  hopefully reduce the risks to our own rabbits and reduce the numbers who fall ill or die from this awful disease.


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