Moulty McMoultface

Here’s Jeremy today – not only is he growing and doing well,he is also moulting!  Look at the cute little line around his face, bless him.  He’s still so little, but he’s getting robust and certainly enjoys running round and binkying.

Second week off work started today – and while it’s been windy, it’s been quite a nice day to potter in the garden. Today I have dismantled the shed that Lindt & Titus were in before they were rehomed, and have put it back together again down in the bunny corner of the garden. There’s still a lot of work to do with it, but it’s sound and watertight, and has a nice new non-slip vinyl floor laid in it.  So I’m happy with progress so far.

That particular shed was one that the wild bunnies used to go under, so although I hadn’t seen any there, I pulled back the floor with a slight amount of trepidation that there might be kits underneath, but it was completely vacated of bunnies thankfully.

And now, it’s time for a glass of wine and a little sit down in the sunshine.


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