So, Jeremy has been to the vets this evening. It’s all such a palava, as I have to get a late appointment so that they don’t have any bunnies in the practice when I get there (so I have to ring from the car to check the coast is clear before I can go in), and so they can disinfect the room afterwards without causing a backlog of waiting clients.

Worth it though. My vet thinks we have room for optimism that Jeremy might actually have beaten the RHD2.  She can’t feel anything abnormal at all, everything feels the right size, shape and ‘feel’ and is all where she expects it to be.  Even though I can see that he feels better and is behaving more normally, it’s reassuring to have a vet say that there was nothing abnormal detected internally either.  He is still frail and underweight, but at least all his organs now feel normal.  We don’t know if there is any ongoing damage there, of course, but it’s the best we can hope for, for now.

He has injured his leg in some way – she can’t feel anything fracture though -like so we’re hoping it’s ‘just’ some soft tissue damage.  He definitely objected to it being rotated around the elbow.  He is still tearing around like a loon and has a hearty appetite, so while I think it’s sore, I don’t think it’s causing him an enormous amount of discomfort.  We talked about different types of pain relief and the concerns at the moment about his frail state and load onto his organs.  So he’s been loaded up with milk thistle in lactulose to continue supporting his liver and I can give metacam if he needs it. We will monitor over the next week (unless anything changes before then) and then, if it’s still just as bad, he’ll have to have an x-ray.  We don’t really want to be sedating him unless necessary at the moment, and there’s no way he would sit still long enough for a conscious one, so as it all seemed ok to the touch we’ll monitor and see how it goes before deciding on what to do next.

All in all, I feel as relieved as I can do.  The filavac seems to be cascading its way through to practices throughout the country now, so hopefully this means an end to the anxiety that many of us are feeling at the moment.  It looks as if the supply chain is set up much better for this product, so hopefully it will remain relatively straightforward for practices to keep getting stock, even if there are a few extra faffs that need doing to get it.

I’m tired today, it’s been so soggy and miserable but humid too.  I have had nearly a week off work on leave already and I don’t feel at all rested, I just feel like I need a whole heap more time to do everything I need to and to get a bit of a decent rest at the same time.  Will it be a late night tonight as I stay up to hear the early declarations, or will I just fall asleep and wake up to whatever news beholds us in the morning?


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