Welcome to summer

Welcome to the first day of summer! It’s tipping it down here. I don’t know about you, but rain makes me grumpy. Especially when I’ve taken some time off work! It makes it so hard to do anything rabbity; everything sticks to itself and gets messy and soggy.  So I was particularly displeased this morning to see that it’s tipping it down and is forecast to do so all day, I’ve got so much I want to be getting on with!

Everybun is well this morning, except that the three boys seem to have had an altercation of sorts overnight as there’s a few tufts of fur in the run and Jeremy is holding one of his paws as if he has hurt it.  I suspect that one of his brothers – probably Earl – has taken the opportunity to assert their dominance in the new home.  All three are sitting angelically this morning though like they’re best buddies.  I’ve spoken with my vet and have been given the go-ahead to give him a little metacam and to monitor for now. Neither of us want me taking any of them into the clinic unless absolutely necessary.

It’s actually a really tricky thing to reconcile, I’d normally pack them in the car and take them for a check over without a second thought, but I now have to consider not only the health and needs of my own rabbits, but any other rabbits who might visit the practice. Although in some ways it’s easier to clean and disinfect at the vets as all the surfaces are designed that way, I still don’t want to be taking virus particles along and would hate to think that I was responsible for the virus getting to other people’s rabbits. Disinfectants have a contact time, usually 10 minutes or more, before they are fully effective and that’s probably the most tricky part.

So, anyway, back to what I do now.  I could bring Jeremy indoors.  But he seems to take great comfort from being with his pals so I’m not sure how well he would cope with being taken away from them and put in an indoor cage.  Pablo is the biggest, but he’s also pretty soppy, meaning that I suspect the culprit was Earl, so another option is that I could take Earl out and leave Jeremy and Pablo together.  But then Earl and Pablo were snuggled up together yesterday too.  I hate these sorts of decisions, it’s so hard to know what to do for the best and we can’t predict how things are going to turn out in the future with each option.  It’s going to be virtually impossible to sort anything out properly while it’s raining like this, so I have set up bunnycam to peer at them out of the window so I can monitor them remotely for a while. They may have just had a little battle over who owns this house which may have been sorted for now.  I was hoping that I’d get at least a couple more weeks before they started to bicker. It makes me wonder how much bickering goes on in pet shops. Do they do it and it’s just that no-one notices, or do they not do it because they’re stressed at all the changes in their lives and huddle together for comfort?  Or do they just not do it, and I’m having a run of particularly bad luck?  Answers on a postcard.


So, I’ve just had a look at the boys, and can you believe that all 3 of them have descended testicles already! They’re only 9 weeks old today, how is this possible!  So I have decided that it’s probably best to separate them all as they’re going to start getting hormonal very soon.  I’ll bring Jeremy indoors (just waiting for the cage to dry as I type this) and will then start to prepare somewhere so that I can separate Pablo and Earl.  I feel really bad for them, having single rabbits is everything I hate, and it was only a week or so ago that they were all piled up together as litter mates.  But it needs to be done, although hopefully the separation and single-ness will only be relatively temporary.



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