Jeremycam is GO!

So, after my musings in my last post, and the discovery that the three boys already have their testicles proudly dropped and on display (they’re 9 weeks old today, how is this even possible??), I decided it was for the best to take Jeremy out.  He’s now upstairs in the dressing room in a little pen.  I have set up Jeremycam so I can keep an eye on what he’s up to and to check that he’s doing ok.  I had it set up in there when mum and babies were in there, it links to your wifi and you connect to it via an app on your iPad or phone.  It was really helpful as I was able to watch her feed them without disturbing them, and I can now do the same with Jeremy.

As I type, he is munching on caecatroph, how lovely.  He has just had a little willow and has rooted around in his herby bowl for whatever it is that he roots around in there for. I can see a pile of poos on the floor next to his herbs.  I’m hoping that the slightly warmer temperature and the lack of big brothers will help him to recover and get up to a more sensible bodyweight more quickly.  I do worry about him being on his own though, might have to hunt around for some kind of teddy thing I can put in with him as a comforter.

I just took this photo on Jeremycam, he looks like he’s photobombing his own shot, silly boy.


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