The waiting game

Everybun is still ok.  I’m on countdown for the 7-days after their vaccines, after which time they should have developed full immunity. Although it did occur to me that I need to add another 9 days after that until I can be fully happy, because it’s possible that if they pick up the infection on day 6 post-vaccine, they could still fall ill as the vaccine wouldn’t have been fully effective at that point.

I’ve just set up a hutch and run combo on the patio and have moved the three boys from the litter into it.  They’re nearly 9 weeks old now so will probably be ok together for a little longer, but this at least separates them from the girls and buys me a little more time to sort them all out with somewhere suitable to live while we wait for neuters etc.  I don’t know at the moment how long we need to wait for that…will they be ok as soon as they’re ready, or do I need to leave it longer in case they are still shedding virus particles; the last thing I want to do is be taking that to the vets.

The boys all seem very happy with the arrangement, there’s lots of interest and exploring and binkying going on, including from Jeremy the little lad who has been poorly. You can still see that he is a little frail and wobbly compared to the other two, but he’s still enjoying running around, going up and down the ramp and generally behaving like I’d expect a bunny of his age to behave.

So feeling happy/relieved is still in the ‘pending’ pile, but I’m feeling as positive as I can do, given the circumstances.


2 thoughts on “The waiting game

  1. I had not thought about the fact that its actually c16 days after the vaccine that you get the ‘all clear’ not 7 days . . arrrggghhhhh – I was really just trying to pace my stress for another 8 days as mine are mostly being vaccinated tmw. Now its going to have to be 16 days.


  2. Sorry! I almost wish it hadn’t occurred to me either, I think I’d rather have been in blissful ignorance and been able to get out of this feeling of being on edge all the time sooner rather than later!


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