Road trip


On Tuesday we had a mass road trip to Manchester for our RHD2 vaccinations.  The filavac seems to be dripping its way into UK practices now but at the time it hadn’t done, and given the high chance that mine had been in contact, I was keen to get them done ASAP.  Even a few days could make all the difference between them contracting it or not.  So I arranged to take them all to Manchester to a practice which had done a direct import of the 50-dose vials.  They knew the situation and it looks as if they weren’t doing other bunnies at the same time to try and minimise the risk of infection passing on.

I decided to hire a van, so that (a) I wasn’t taking them on a long journey (230 miles each way) in a car which would definitely contain virus particles, and (b) so that I could put them all in indoor cages rather than pet carriers.  My vet gave me a bottle of zantac that I could give if I felt it would help them, as obviously I was worried about the stress of the journey triggering gut stasis too!  The other advantage of a van was that I could put the ‘healthy’ bunnies in the back while having the infected family up in the cabin with me, so that there was a bit of a physical separation between the sets of bunnies.

I got up at 5.30am on Tuesday morning and we set off just after 6am for our 11am appointment. “Take my new satnav” said spouse, “it has live traffic on it”.  As it turns out, all it did was make me panic. For ages I was cruising along with it telling me I was due to arrive at 10.28am, then all of a sudden it calculated a load of problems on the road and told me I was arriving at 11.47!  10 minutes later it changed its mind again, and I arrived with 10 minutes to spare.  It was a pretty quick turnaround – I’m sure they were keen to get them in and out as soon as possible, and I was keen for the same!  Everybun except Jeremy the poorly boy got their vaccinations.  The litter are technically still too young, as they were 8 weeks and 1 day and the data sheet says from 10 weeks.  But given the circumstances, vets at both end were happy to give them the jab, on the basis that there isn’t really anything to lose.  We got home just before 5pm, and I managed to drop the van off just before they closed.  The van was smooth and comfortable and surprisingly easy to drive.  The only thing is, it ate my CD 😦  Fortunately it wasn’t anything too embarrassing like Bernard Cribbins greatest hits or Mariah Carey sings Christmas again.

Bunnies all ate their dinner well though so that was a big relief, they all seemed happy to be home and back to normal rather than remaining too stressy.  They’re all still doing fine as I write (Thurs PM).  At least now I feel that there is an end to the nightmare in sight, as there is only a 7 day lapse between vaccination and full immunity, which is pretty quick.  I think I’d be climbing the walls if it turned out to be a 3 week wait like it is for nobivac.  So for now, in the words of that old Guinness advert…(s)he waits…that’s what (s)he does…tick follows tock follows tick follows tock.  Showing my age now.  I bet some of you remember it though.

Maybe later this evening I’ll start to write up everything so far.  With incredibly bad timing (for a whole host of reasons and not just this) I’m away with work right now, back tomorrow evening.  But for now I’m going to go for a stroll along the Royal Mile (can you guess where I am yet?) to clear my head and get some fresh air.


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