Today I’m feeling a bit more back in control. Some time, I’ll do a post looking backwards at everything that has happened so far, but not yet.  I have a plan for getting everyone vaccinated.  Jeremy continues to improve; he is less wobbly each day, his appetite is back to normal and he is back jumping on top of the shelter.   Everybun else continues to bounce around as normal, with no signs of anything wrong.

We are all going on a road trip to Manchester on Tuesday to get vaccinated against RHD2.  The main wholesale shipment is due ‘mid June’ but there doesn’t seem to be any firm confirmed date for it arriving at local practices yet.  And given the current situation here, every day makes a difference, even if the vaccine is due to arrive at the end of next week.  It’s a very long way to be carting the bunnies, and we’ll be setting off shortly after 6am, so I’m not mad about it for a whole host of reasons, but on balance I think it’s the right thing to do, and I’ll just have to try and make it as comfortable and stress-free as possible for them all.

I’ve decided to hire a van for the day. My car is getting old and creaky, it’s probably covered in virus particles, and everybun would have to do the journey in pet carriers.  With a van, I can put all the adult bunnies in indoor cages in the back, and I can put the ‘infectious’ family in the front with me.  This will give them all a bit more room and a more comfortable journey, and it will also give slightly better separation.  I’ve got a van with a ‘cage’ behind the seats, so the buns in the back will have some light and temperature control, and I am planning on fashioning some kind of shroud, probably using a sheet or duvet cover, between the front seat bunnies and the rest of them, just to give another little layer of protection.

Roll on Tuesday.


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