Hello there, and welcome to my blog. I’ve never blogged before. I have no idea how to do this. I’d rather not be doing this.  In the nicest possible way, I’d rather there was no need for you to be reading this.

We have recently been confirmed as having RHD2 (rabbit haemorrhagic disease, new variant 2, (RHD previously known as VHD) here in one of my groups of bunnies, so I wanted to set something up to chart what happens, my observations, and anything else that may be of interest or use to others.  It goes without saying that in the event of any concerns of your own, seek prompt veterinary advice.  But I hope that at least something here will be helpful. And maybe also a little cathartic for me, not least because it’s the sort of disease that you have to encounter and deal with alone. Pretty much all the people who can empathise and understand how I feel are unable to provide the sort of hands-on support I could do with, because they have rabbits of their own.  And obviously I don’t want to let them anywhere near me or the house for now.

I have a pair of rabbits of my own, and I also rescue and rehome on a very small scale.  At the moment I have twelve rabbits in total – my own two, a pair of lovely healthy sisters, a (beautifully psychopathic) single female, and a mother with six babies who are now 9 weeks old.  They were a surprise, she arrived via another rescue contact and had allegedly been living alone in a vivarium when she was rescued.  Clearly wasn’t always alone though, as she was booked in for her spay but she gave birth to seven beautiful babies before the op date arrived!  Sadly one of the babies succumbed to the RHD2 and we have had one other who has been poorly, but has subsequently rallied, although I don’t think he is completely out of the woods yet.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I don’t expect you to ‘enjoy’ the read, but please do read and share, as it’s a little way for me to feel encouraged that there is some point in my endeavours at sharing the journey and I hope that at least some little snippet will be helpful to someone. But for now I’m going to grab a large glass of sauvignon blanc and crack on with the first blog post.

[Edit 28/07/2016: we are now over the RHD2 saga but life has taken another cruel twist and we now have a (vaccinated) bunny come down with myxomatosis.  So don’t be confused if you’re starting at the top of the blog posts and it seems to be about myxi and not RHD.  Scroll all the way down and start from the bottom and it will all make more sense.  Possibly.  It would be helpful if there was an index of sorts so that you could link to each blog post individually, but for some reason it has formed a giant long chain.  Probably my fault in choosing the format I did, and I have no idea how to change it. Sorry.]



9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thank you so much for starting this blog, although I too wish you had no cause to do so. I think that the more information about RHD2 we can obtain the better. Your first hand account of dealing with this awful virus will no doubt help numerous people, including those within the Veterinary Profession.

    The dedication you show toward Rabbit Welfare and of trying to make a difference to the lives of so many of these wonderful animals is admirable .


    • I also lost rabbits to RVHD 2 in August 9 out of 15 and we were the first confirmed on The isle of Wight the strain of vhd2 is a mutation of vhd 1 we lost rabbit over 3 days leaving us with 6 who are all or were carriers each have had their vhd2 injections and all 15 of them always had their usual injections , I knew right away what it was and after 3 rabbits dying suggested to the vets to get a liver biopsy which they did on 3 of them which a week later confirmed it
      It was the most upsetting thing to happen to our furry family ever we lost Ben and buried him but had to dig him up the following day for the vets to dispose of as they cannot be buried as the strain of vhd2 will stay in the ground for the whole of August and early September we lived on a knife edge waiting for the all clear my nails are bitten down after having them grow long and strong the stress of it all had me my 21 year old daughter and husband also was so upset, she had a week off of work as her boss was so upset too and we was cleaning bleaching and scrubbing everything for weeks foot dips no one else allowed down there change clothes showers all before no picking them up which was so hard, our garden smelt of bleach from quite a distance we got through bottle of the stuff, plus also used Virkon s and anigene, finally we got the all clear and although we cannot get anymore rabbits until December we are spoiling the remaining 6 with lots of cuddles and treats we think they deserve it after watching their run mates dropping one after the other , it is so random as well we lost Ted yet not his brother and run mate Fred, this is something for all rabbit owners to fear please get them innoculated


  2. So sorry for your sad losses. I lost two house bunnies some years ago to RVHD 1 when it was a notifiable disease to MAFF. Both had been vaccinated. The amount of red tape and practicalities was enormous. We could not go to the vets or a vet come to us…terrible times.


  3. Rebecky says:

    So very sad . It’s such a worry. I’ve struggled to find a vet with the vaccine. Nothing in Wiltshire. Had to drive to Whitchurch Bristol.


  4. carrie standing says:

    I lost two 7 month old rabbits 4 months ago, they were so young and full of life, one was lethargy and died at the vets the same day, the other died 3 days later. They have left a sorrow that is hard to heal. My heart goes out to you. After hearing so much about RHD2 I think I have an answer as to why I lost them both so young.


  5. Maree Hamming says:

    Hi just got sent this blog. K am in Australia. We are in terrible trouble here with RHDV2 and government about to release a Chinese va strain called here K5 in next few weeks. we estimate over 30000 domestic rabbits lost to V2 and the stronger myxo.we have no vacinnes for any except for old strain.


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